Henrietta Winkle

A priestess of safe travel...and apparently backroom deals. No longer with the party.


Human, but with a touch of gnome somewhere in her blood. Very charismatic, yet also pragmatic. Her service to the more unsavory aspects of her God’s dominion is more or less an open secret.


Henrietta is a cleric of Melenirus, the God of travel, messengers, trickery, thievery, and negotiation. She was hired to ensure safe delivery of the glass to South Hill. When the job nearly went sour she helped contain the released smoke elementals and make things right. Afterwards, while liberating Devon’s Rest from the Cult of Lupa, she suffered a werewolf bite.

Henrietta left the group after Buri and Geth severely botched their attempts to steal armor and magic items. The fallout nearly landed the group’s squire into slavery, and generated intense scrutiny by several different groups. She sent a letter warning everyone they were in danger, and also that she would no longer be joining them. Everyone responded with their own letters of apology and well wishes, ensuring that should they meet again, it will be on good terms.

Henrietta Winkle

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