Karnov Ivonovov

The Prince's chosen explorer, and distant relation.


Pale, bald Dwarf. Igor calls him “Duergar”. Barely speaks, but when he does his accent is different from standard Dwarvish. A magic user of some type, one which tends to make others uncomfortable.

Karnov barely talks more than the Silent Elf. He does not engage in small talk, and barely consults with Igor regarding the expedition.


Karnov has thus far offered only the occasional opinion or insight into the group’s underground environment. He has made no effort to introduce himself or even exert authority. He simply travels alongside the group, helping when possible. Staying silent when not.

When all but two of the prisoner brigade were killed in an ambush, Karnov reanimated their bodies into flaming skeletons. When he observed the group’s horrified reactions, he said simply, “if they cannot serve the Prince in life, they shall serve him in death”.

Karnov Ivonovov

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